Hair Removal

Many people have areas of unwanted hair on their legs, binki, underarms, and other areas. There are several hair removal options on the market and at we are pleased to offer our clients the most reliable and effective technology in laser hair removal. Our Light Sheer machine is the top choice in hair removal technology because it is a true laser (not intensed pulsed light) and has a built in chill-tip to cool skin and maximize comfort during treatment.

Our laser hair removal targets the melanin in the hair to provide permanent hair reduction on legs, bikini, underarms, torso and more. It’s also useful for preventing pesky ingrown hairs. 

  1. Permanent reduction of hair on legs, bikini, underarms etc.
  2. Also useful for the prevention of ingrown hairs

The tissue targetted during treatment is the melanin (or pigment) in hair and therefore best results are seen when hair is darker than the skin. The LightSheer laser treatment does not function well with red, blond, white or grey hair.

One of our skilled laser technicians.

Hair must be actively growing in order for the treatment to be effective. Most clients will require an average of 6-10 treatments to eliminate hair in the target area.

Treatment is usually quite tolerable and feels like a rubber band being snapped.

There is no downtime after treatment. Some clients might find that the treatment area is slightly pink for 2-3 days following treatment due to heating of hair follicles.

The skin will gradually lose its ability to grow hair & only very fine or light hairs may remain in the treated areas. Best results will be achieved in about 6-10 treatments and the effect will last for the life-cycle of the skin that was treated. The skin replenishes itself approximately every 7 years.

We can not treat women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Because of the nature of the treatment, we also can’t treat people with tanned skin. We recommend stopping antibiotics, light sensitive medications, retinols or glycolic acids for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment & stopping Accutane for at least 6 months prior to treatment.