The microdermabrasion treatment is an amazing service in our repetoire that we consider to be an essential aspect of healthy skin maintenance. Microdermabrasion involved a gentle exfoliation of the skin’s surface that removes dead skin cells, helps with cell turnover and prevents build-up of sunscreens, makeup and environmental toxins.

Laser or skin technicians

There is virtually no area of the body that would not benefit from microdermabrasion. Commonly treated areads include the face, neck, stomach & thighs.

Benefits can be seen in both texture and appearance of the skin after just one treatment. We recommend having a microdermabrasion treatment monthly for optimal results & for best maintenance of skin health.

Treatment if very comfortable and relaxing, in  fact, clients often fall asleep during treatment! It feels like a mild sucking/scratching sensation on the treatment area.

The treatment starts with the actual microdermabrasion treatment, which exfoliates and removes the outer layer of skin and leaves you feeling fresh, radiant and silky smooth.

We also include LED light therapy into treatment. There are several uses for this therapy including acne treatments (blue light), collagen stimulation (yellow light), and inflammation reduction, pain reduction and pigmentation restoration (red light).

After just one treatment the skin appears more radiant and feels softer. With regular microdermabrasion treatments, the skin looks brighter, healthier and has an internal glow. There is no downtime and clients can immediately return to work/life.